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OMIC Lanka (Pvt) Ltd __ a joint _______ company formed in collaboration ____ Overseas Merchandise __________ Company (OMIC) of Tokyo ________ by B.O.I ._________ in Sri Lanka since 1983.

We may ___ that we are one __ the leading International Cargo Inspection Company functioning __ Sri Lanka qualified to _______ Sri Lankan _________. We also represent the _______ Inspection Co., S.A. Geneva, Switzerland.

OMIC group ___ introduced a truly in _________ Quality Control ______, which like wise mobilizing ______ experiences inspectors and responding to customers needs ___ demands.

OMIC an __________ Company specialized in the _____ survey, with ________ worldwide, and have an _____________ reputation second to none.

The services __ OMIC International are at ____ command. Whatever the country of origin and ___ nature of your purchase ___ associates in ___ Principal Ports of the _____ are in a position __ carry out a meticulous inspection on your ______.

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We cordially ______ you to communicate with __ in regard to inspection services for your _______ and imports.



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